How do I search for a sailing schedule?

In the Schedule section, simply select your target departure date range, the origin and destination port, the amount of containers you’re looking to ship and then press the “Search Schedules” button.

I've found the perfect sailing, how do I request space on that vessel?

Once you’ve found a sailing that suits you, click in the vessels transit time bar. This will take you to the booking details page where you’ll need to provide some more information on your shipment.

There is no rate for the schedule I would like, can I request one?

Absolutely, where no rate exists, click the vessels transit time bar where you'll be directed to an overview of that sailing. Click the request rate button and an email will be sent to Explorate where we'll get straight to procuring a rate for that service. Once administered, we will contact you to let you know that you can search again to get a booking underway.

What should I use for my internal reference?

The internal reference will be your reference to a particular shipment when looking at the dashboard. We recommend the use of unique numbers such as purchase order, shipment or ERP related numbers.

If I’m shipping multiple commodities, which commodity do I enter into the booking detail screen?

Only one commodity description can be entered at the booking stage, so simply enter the commodity with the largest quantity within the shipment. Further information will be required for the SLI, so we recommend you ensure all commodities are accurately described by this stage.

I am being asked for the Gross Cargo Weight per container type, what does that mean?

This is the indicative weight of the goods that will be travelling in each container type. For example, if you're moving 2 x 20'GP containers and 1 x 40'GP we require that you indicate the combined weight moving in the 20' containers (e.g. 35,000kgs) and what will be moving in the 40' container (e.g. 18,000kgs). 

What does the freight rate include?

The freight rate includes all FOB port-to-port charges. That is, all charges incurred after the container has been loaded onto the vessel, up until the point it is unloaded at destination. 

Do I get a breakdown of the port-to-port charges?

Explorate will email you a breakdown of charges once the booking has been confirmed by the carrier. 

Who pays the shipping line? (Payment of freight)

In most cases your freight forwarder will pay the shipping line in the exact same manner that they do now. Larger shippers that use their own rates on the system might have carrier credit and will pay the carrier directly. For now, Explorate does not facilitate the payment of freight.  

I am about to submit a book, what happens next?

Once you have submitted a booking, Explorate sends a space request directly to your chosen carrier for processing. They will then check whether they have space on your chosen vessel and that they have empty containers available for use at the origin port. If both are confirmed, the shipping line will send a booking confirmation back to Explorate. Both you and your freight forwarder will be automatically updated of this the moment we get the confirmation. 

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