I have made a booking and my shipment's status is now "Processing", what does that mean?

If you’re shipment is in the processing status, it means the shipping line are currently checking whether they have space on your chosen vessel and that they have empty containers available for use at the origin port. 

How long does it take to get a response from the Shipping Line?

We anticipate a turn around time between 20 minutes and 2 hours. Should this exceed 3 hours, please notify us by emailing enquire@explorate.co or call 1300 313 388 and we will personally follow your booking up the shipping line for you. 

My booking has turned to "Confirmed", what should I do now?

As soon as a booking is confirmed, we automatically notify both yourself and your freight forwarder. This email will contain all of the data required for your forwarder to get origin formalities underway (e.g. what contract number to quote). On the dashboard, the shipment will now show a confirmed status and will contain updated information about the containers movement. You can also download a booking confirmation PDF that can be sent to all parties in your supply chain.  

My booking came back as "Rejected", what do I do now?

Unfortunately shipping lines can’t accommodate all bookings. As carriers often share vessels, there is still opportunity for your cargo to make the target vessel. Simply start a new search and send a request to one of the other carriers offering a service on this vessel; or should this not be suitable, search again to find a different vessel with a similar schedule.

Can I download a booking confirmation?

Absolutely, select your confirmed booking and click the download link located at the far right of the tab.

Can I search using my internal reference for a specific shipment?

You can search your current shipments (by internal reference or any other description) by using the search function within My Shipments.

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