How do I add a new user to my company’s account?

To add a new user you must have an administration account. On the left pane, head to account settings and then into the Add/Remove new user tab. If you’ve reached the maximum of allowed uses under your current plan, you will need to upgrade to the premium service. This can be done in account settings, under account type.

How can I change the credit card I am billed on?

The billing section is where all credit card information is held. Here you can add/delete and amend the account’s credit card if you hold administrative rights.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please get in touch with the team and we’ll facilitate the cancellation. Contact us at either, or +61 418 892 807.

I’d like to upgrade my account to premium, how do I do this?

To change account types, head to account details and into the account type section. Here you can either upgrade or downgrade your account, with the billing prorated based on the action taken.

How do I add a preferred freight forwarder?

Within your account settings is the freight forwarder section. Here you can either add or remove freight forwarders. Either search our database or manualyl add a new service provider, ensuring all mandatory fields have been accurately filled in.

Why does my added freight forwarder not appear instantly?

We vet all freight forwarders that are admitted to the Explorate dataset to ensure all information that is sent to the shipping lines is accurate and in line with their internal requirements.

How do I update my company details?

The company details section is only amendable by the accounts administrator. Account details are stored with the account’s settings.

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